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Strategic Plan

Our full Strategic Plan for the next Three Years is based on feedback from whanau, kui, kaumatua and students. data has also been analysed to help us focus on some key priorities. The school must also adhere to the Principles of the Tiriti o Wāitangi, and the National Curriculum. The Board are also required to meet the objectives set out under the Education Act, and the National Education and Learning Priorities

Our Goals in a Nutshell



Grow our understanding of a culturally responsive curriculum and Te Ao Māori.

At Ōpunake Primary, we believe that education should be culturally responsive and inclusive of all backgrounds and experiences. Our commitment to Te Ao Māori guides our principles in celebrating and embracing the diversity of our students and their whānau. We prioritize the development of a local curriculum that reflects who we are as a community while still delivering quality education. Our school environment encourages respect and biculturalism, creating a safe and welcoming space for all learners.


Arrange regular professional development sessions led by outside educators and cultural experts to deepen the understanding of Te Ao Māori and culturally responsive curriculum practice

At Ōpunake Primary School, our priority is to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment for our students. We believe that by providing high-quality professional learning for our teachers, we can ensure that our students receive the best education possible. We are committed to working with outside professionals to provide our staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach effectively and promote good practice in the classroom. 


Create a learning environment  and learning spaces for equitable learning while reflecting our commitment to Tiriti O Waitangi

At Ōpunake Primary, we aim to provide an amazing learning environment where all students can thrive and grow. We believe in equitable learning opportunities for all, and utilize innovative teaching methods to ensure every student reaches their full potential. Our commitment to reflecting the aspirations of our community continues to drive us forward and inspire us to want to achieve equitable outcomes.


Students,whanau and teachers  will develop their understanding of cultural, social and emotional, economic and environmental wellbeing.

Ōpunake Primary is dedicated to fostering the wellbeing of our students. We believe that happy and healthy students are better equipped to achieve success, both academically and personally. Our strategic plan for 2024-2026 reflects this commitment to student wellbeing, and we are proud to be at the forefront of creating a school environment that promotes inclusivity, safety and respect. 

All About Us

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