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Our School News

Lamb & Goat Day:

In line with what other schools have opted to do this year, our school will hold a Lamb and Goat Day on the 24th October with a cancellation day of 25th October.

We will run this as a fun day for students with the usual exhibits and some fun activities in the

afternoon. Judging will start at 11.40am

Indoor Exhibits for Lamb Day: Due to limited space and Lamb Day being prior to our open day (so classrooms are being set up for open day) we will be putting indoor exhibits in the school library and hallway.

Year 1 -3

Calendar art (completed at school)

Creative Fantasy Tray (this would be like the old miniature garden) .This activity is completed at home.

Vegetable Creation (completed at home)

Year 4-6

Calendar art

Decorated biscuit (completed at home)

Creative model (eg made from lego, old boxes,etc)

Year 7 and 8

Calendar Art

Home made fudge (completed at home)

Puanga Festival:

1st November. We will leave school at 11am in full costume. We will need assistance from parents and whanau between 10am and 11am to get students into their costumes and makeup.

Girls will need to supply their own black lipstick. A bus will leave school at 11am. We have a large Kapahaka group this year so we will need at least 4-5 parents to travel on the bus to assist with safe supervision.

Teacher Changes:

We welcome Miss Bree Russell onto our permanent staff for 2020. Miss Russell is filling the position vacated by Mrs Waugh. We look forward to having Bree on our team.

Miss Robb, has been appointed to a permanent job in Palmerston North, and will be leaving us at the end of the year. We wish Miss Robb (now Mrs Caradis) all the best with her new position and new life in Palmerston North. We have really enjoyed having Amanda as part of our team over the past two years. As this is a partially funded BOT role, we have advertised for a Fixed Term Teacher for 2020.

News Flash

On the 7th November, we will be hosting our STEAM “Open Day” across the school. Parents and whanau will be welcome in every classroom in our school to see what our students have been up to during the day. Open Day is an excellent motivator for our students, and it is great to see that they are already working towards this day.

Yesterday groups of senior students were making videos about science and robotics, so that these can be shared in the classrooms on the big screens during open day. They are capturing their learning and their thoughts.

Many of our students are very sophisticated in their use of technology, not only as a learning tool but also as an assessment and evaluation tool. A recent visitor to our school commented on the competence of our students in these areas.

The ipad in the hands of competent teachers and competent students is a powerful learning tool.

We are currently reviewing our Digital Learning and Technology Plan, and as a result we have decided to apply for TSB funding to supplement Board of Trustee Funds to replenish resources as well as purchasing further STEAM equipment. Our school is well ahead of many schools in this area and it is advantageous for our students to have the necessary tools and equipment to advance their skills.

Upcoming Dates

17th October: National Shakeout Day 1.30 (as a school we

will practise our earthquake Drill)

18th October: Environmental Warriors trip to Pukeiti

(students involved have been given their information and

permission slips)

23rd October: Soccer Tournament for Year 3 to 8. Mr

Lodge will send out information at the end of the week.

Students will need to bring $4.00 to cover the cost of the

bus. School will subsidise the remainder.

24th October: Lamb and goat day (see newsletter for


25th October: Postponement date for lamb and goat day

1st November: Puanga Festival for kapahaka group.

Unfortunately we are performing at 1pm, which will make

the trip home hard on the students. They will have to get

on the bus straight after their performance to get back to

school on time. We need to charge students $7.00 to

partially cover the cost of bus.

7th November: Open Day Please make this a special day

for your child, we would love to see you between 9.30am

and 11 am or 1.45 till 3pm or between 6.00pm and 7.00pm

21st November 6pm BOT Meeting

5th December: Break Up 6.30pm

6th December until 12th December: Life Education.

Students need to bring $4.00 to cover part cost please.

13th December: Last day of school. We will finish at 1pm

on this day.

Term Dates 2019

Start dates

Term 1: Monday 28 January - Friday 12 April (11 weeks)

Term 2: Monday 29 April - Friday 5 July (10 weeks)

Term 3: Monday 22 July - Friday 27 September (10 weeks)

Term 4: Monday 14 October - No later than Friday 20 December (up to 10 weeks)

Term 4 Dates

Lamb and Goat day: 24th October

Open Day: 7th November

Kapahaka Puanga Festival: 1st November

Break-Up 5th December 6.30pm

Road patrol Reward Day: 12th December

Life Education: 6th December

Internet Safety