MOA Awards 2018 

Our Nominations

Junior Animation

Middle Animation

Senior Animation

253 Pencil Case.mp4
249 The Very Hungry Caterpillar.mp4
252 Jaws Lunch Box.mp4
327 Ball Dropper.mp4
329 The Vincent's Game

Junior Digital Image

Middle Digital Image

Senior Digital Image

Junior Educational

Middle Educational

Senior Educational

258 Watch Over Our Water.mp4
290 Australia Educational movie.mp4
291 Jezz and Yo Science with H2O.mp4
293 Be Skeptical.mp4
341 Sign Language.mp4
342 Tangiwai

Junior Graphic Design

Middle Graphic Design

Senior Graphic Design

Junior Music - LipSync

Middle Music - LipSync

Senior Music - LipSync

262 A Pirate You Shall Be.mp4
263 CubHouse Baby Shark.mp4
295 Puff the Magic Dragon.m4v
296 Yeah Nah.mp4

Junior Music- Original

Middle Music- Original

Senior Music- Original

265 Mr Clicketty Cane (Wash Your Face In Orange Juice).mp4
267 Bad Hair Day.mp4

Junior Short Movie

Middle Short Movie

Senior Short Movie

268 I Will Be Okay!.mp4
302 Monopoly Movie.mp4
305 Fear of Numbers.mp4
351 GIRL.mp4
352 Ruokrap (Parkour) backwards.mp4

Junior Timelapse

Middle Timelapse

Senior Timelapse

276 Global Warming Time Lapse.mp4
277 The life of a cucumber Timelapse.mp4
278 Egg Heads.mp4
321 Colourful Madness.mp4
371 Room 4 Rocket Lab.mp4
369 3D Printed Speakers.mp4

Junior Te Ao Maori

Middle Te Ao Maori

Senior Te Ao Maori

273 Te Den Karere.mp4
310 Mauri o te Ikarangi.mp4
316 Maori
315 Speaking Maori With Your
314 Speaking Maori on the
355 Karanga.mp4
360 Matariki

Middle App Design

Senior App Design

The Underworld RPG

Ryan Harkness

2 Player Soccer Game

by Adam O'Leary

Escape the Devil

by Adam O'Leary

Cube Man Jumper

by Ryan Harkness

Giga Gap

by Nicholas Wright

Packman Reborn

by Luke Forsyth

Here is the folder with all of our school entries.

Photos from the MOA Awards: 

7th November 2018